Author’s Note: I’m currently seeking representation for my first novel. Work listed below is unpublished at this time.


A contemporary fantasy romance debut including zombies, sorcerers, and dwarves, oh my!

Tess’s words to live by: Watch road for hungry zombie hordes. Ignore tall, dark eye candy.

Tess knows the secret to avoiding zombies and unsavory survivors–run fast with a sharp machete.  She also likes to keep her plans simple: find her brother, baby her motorcycle, avoid dark basements.  Easy.  Except for the finding-her-brother part. Her simple strategy gets blown to bits when five guys tumble out of a wormhole before her eyes, smack into the middle of hungry zombies.  Tess hates seeing anyone end up zombie munchies, so she rolls on the throttle, guns blazing.

Dane and his men claim they’re from another world, chasing an evil sorcerer responsible for the zombie plague.  They’re pretty bad-ass zombie-killers. And they have a wizard.  But that means squat if they can’t drive a car cross-country.  Tess offers her guns, survival expertise, and driving skills in exchange for Dane’s help finding her brother.

Adding the capture of an evil sorcerer to her plans should be more than enough trouble for Tess.  She sure as hell doesn’t need a distraction like Dane. But he’s persistent.  Too damn nice.  And fights dirty with toe-curling kisses. Right as Tess starts to trust Dane, however, she finds he’s hiding more than just a hot bod under all that leather.  The man’s got secrets.  Secrets about the sorcerer’s plans.  Secrets that could get her brother killed.