About Elaine Witt, AuthorOriginally hailing from the Colorado Rockies, Elaine Witt has lived the majority of her life in various parts of Minnesota. She spent a brief stint in Indiana, where she completed her graduate degree in English literature; then Elaine returned to the frozen tundra of Minnesota to work in the nonprofit industry. She currently resides in the Twin Cities metro with her husband and works as marketing director for an environmental consulting firm.

A backcountry hiking enthusiast with a mean roundhouse kick, Elaine is affectionately known as an athletic klutz. When she’s not working on one of the numerous story ideas plaguing her brain, she can be found on a walk outdoors, at the local coffee shop with her nose stuck in a book, or perusing art in one of her favorite museums.

She is currently seeking representation for her contemporary fantasy romance, Hopefully Ever After, while she works on her next novel project.

For the unabridged real story that isn’t in third person, check out Elaine’s Author Insights posts. (They’re somewhat insightful, though sometimes rambling. Always chock full of dirt.)