The Real Elaine Witt: The Sunshine Blog Thingy

SunflowerM’yeah…so I get to blame this Sunshine Blog Thingy, otherwise known as a round of rather interesting and nail-biting questions, on my dear, dear CP (i.e. crit partner), Anna Humphrey.

What is this madness? A blog meme–and yes, I had to look that up–which is today’s version of a chain letter, also known as the Sunshine Blog Award, aka the Sunshine Thingy as my inner circle has currently dubbed it. That’s right. I’m pretending I have an inner circle. Or maybe it’s a round-table of bloggers.  Yeah!  Ooh…and for the record, I call dibs on being Lancelot.

Okay, back to this Sunshine Thingy business. It’s pretty cool when you look into it, as it was started to recognize bloggers who are inspiring and bring positive vibes into the lives of their readers and fellow bloggers.  Awww! (Thanks, Anna – even if I can still hear your evil laughter in the background.)


Anyway, this also means I get to answer random questions about myself that Anna has designed to torture, er, uh, I mean, bring out interesting qualities you may not know about myself. And since I was never one to break a chain letter, you lovely readers get to learn a little more randomness that is moi.

You’ve been warned.

Right then! On to the questions:

  1. You are stranded on a desert island. You are allowed one book, one CD, and one movie. What do you take?

    *whimper* One?! How determined is the security to enforce this rule? Okay, well, if forced to only take one book, I’d take my trusty Riverside edition of Shakespeare’s Complete Works (Ha! That’s right…all of his plays and poems…and no, I’m not cheating). Maybe I could learn a thing or two from King Lear’s time on the heath, or plot where I’d find Prospero on my deserted island. And I could certainly amuse myself at Falstaff’s antics on a regular basis.

    Now for the CD. Gaah! This is hard. I’m such a music nerd so making me choose is killing me here. I think Anna knew this question would make me break out in hives from the start. Stop stalling, you say? Fine. If I could really only take one CD, it would be Enya’s Dark Sky Island because a) I need soundtracks to portions of my life (and I am assuming I’m not going to be stuck on this island forever), and b) there’s such an ominous sound to this release by Enya, and yet her music never fails to calm me, which I might expect to need depending on how long I’m out on the island. Honestly, though, I’d probably try to smuggle an mp3 player loaded with all my favorite epic instrumentals, some nice jazz, good rock and pop for upbeat days, and more.

    As for the movie? Gotta take the six-hour Pride and Prejudice. That way, I can analyze each and every detail of my favorite characters, plus I get the added benefit of one of my favorite books in movie form! And mmm, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy…

  2. Favourite season? Why?

    *peers suspiciously at ‘u’ in ‘Favourite’* Clearly a Canadian wrote this question.

    Grand Tetons
    View of Mount Moran, Grand Teton National Park in Autumn

    This one’s easy: autumn. I adore the crisp fall air, the smell of spicy leaves underfoot and wood smoke from evening fires to ward off the chill. The colors this time of year are absolutely amazing to behold, depending on whether you’re looking at gorgeous sugar maples in ripe red, or sturdy aspens in sunshine gold. It’s also the perfect time to hike in the mountains, or to break out cozy sweaters and hot chocolate.  Yet it’s so fleeting–never enough time for autumn!

    Probably explains why I set one of my Fairy realms in my latest finished work-in-progress there. 🙂

  3. Coffee fanatic or tea fiend? With milk/cream and sugar or without?

    I love coffee*bangs head on desk with another whimper* Man…I adore frou frou coffee–meaning sugar laden confections with a little espresso dumped in them, like caramel frappuccinos, or peppermint mochas with decadent whipped cream.

    Alas, I have vowed to abstain from coffee hereon due to health and wealth issues, so I suppose my future answer will have to be reluctant tea fiend as I stare longingly at the frou frou coffee confections.

  4. What one place would you visit with that magical plane ticket? Why?

    Mount Cook, New ZealandDoes it have to be here on Earth? If not, I’d visit Pern and see the dragons.  Just preferably not when Thread is falling.  No, thank you. I grew up devouring Anne McCaffrey’s work, so that would be fantastic.

    If this is really meant as a stodgy where in the world would Elaine go type question…then I’d say New Zealand. (See my next answer for a hint why.)

  5. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Harry Potter? ::evil laugh::

    EASY! Lord of the Rings, hands down.  Ian McKellan as Gandalf for the win! And elves, orcs, dwarves and hobbits? Who needs Quiddich when you have such cool kingdoms to explore? Also, I confess to having only seen the original three Star Wars movies. Meh.

    *waits for Star Wars fan horror to arrive in my comments*

  6. Black Widow or Catwoman? Explain.

    Ugh, Black Widow. My husband made me go see that horrible version of Catwoman when it came out with Halle Berry way back when…and while I know we’re talking the comic book characters and not movie per se, the whole cat thing just doesn’t do it for me. I love the Black Widow – bad-ass assassin with a past trying to do good, versus questionable villain/sometimes good woman who has lots of cats?  Nah.

  7. Milk chocolate or sinfully dark?

    Milk chocolate. Dark just isn’t sweet enough for me. Then again, if you said milk, dark or Belgian chocolate…well, then I don’t care what kind of chocolate it is as long as it’s real Belgian chocolate. *sigh* I’m forever ruined from that trip to Antwerp and Bruges now. And now you know I can be bribed by good Belgian chocolate. I might even write you into a story and not kill you off right away! 🙂

    Belgian Chocolate
    Belgian Chocolate enjoyed while in Bruges
  8. Smaug: justified in defending his hoard against thieving dwarves or homicidal maniac?

    Um, well, he DID steal it from the dwarves in the first place, so I might quibble with that ‘thieving’ dwarves description. And he’s not a homicidal maniac, but a rather crafty, wily wurm of epic proportions.

    Did I dance around that question enough for you?

  9. Dragons or krakens?

    Dragons. Gotta go with the dragons. I love dragons (hence the Pern reference earlier, plus Patricia C. Wrede’s Dealing with Dragons series was a well-loved childhood read). Probably why I cut my teeth on writing my first novel with dragons! I can forgive a lot of things in a story if there are dragons.  What can I say? I’m easy to please.

  10. You find a gold ring buried in your backyard. What do you do?

    Preciousssssss…*cough* Sorry, what was the question again? Right. Gold ring in backyard. I’m going to pretend it has an inscription on it, so then I’d set out on a quest to find out the meaning behind the inscription, maybe even the original owners. Was it a wedding ring lost during gardening time? A pirate’s plunder from an alternate reality that they’re hiding here and if I touch it, I’ll be transported to the other world? (What! I’m writing a pirate fantasy right now…these things could happen.)

Phew. Okay. There’s a little more about me, and further insight into how my imagination works! Think you would have answered differently? In awe or horror at my answers? Let’s discuss in the comments below! (Trust me, this was NOT easy.)

And now, it’s my turn to tag some unlucky saps…I mean, lucky, LUCKY bloggers who have the distinction of being tagged with the Sunshine Blog Award Thingy. (You poor devils :: evil laughter::) I bequeath this lovely sunshine thingamajig on Eliza Nolan, Theodore Wright, Cathleen Townsend, and J.A. Rama.

Your questions, should you choose to accept this honor, are as follows:

  1. If you could cast the starring role in a movie loosely based on your life (only with dragons and pirates), who would you choose?
  2. Is the pen or sword mightier? Why?
  3. You have to pick one food to eat, every day at every meal, for the rest of your life: what is it?
  4. You can relive one moment in time: when and why?
  5. What book have you re-read the most?
  6. What never fails to bring a smile to your face?
  7. Have you ever heard a song so sad or beautiful it made you cry? Please share.
  8. Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Hook, or Blue Beard?
  9. Are you a truth, or a dare kind of person? Explain.
  10. What’s your motto in life?

Have fun…(and yes, yes I did go gif happy for this one.)


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  1. >:)

    And yes, a Canadian did write this. We like our “u”s thankee muchly.

    Highly entertaining reading 🙂 Though I confess, I’m with you: LOTR hands down. As for Star Wars, I’m an Original Trilogy girl myself. That’s my cannon and I’m sticking to it. 😛 (Sorry Theodore)

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