To Blog, or Not to Blog – That was the Question

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Whether ’twas nobler for the writer to conquer
The ideas and edits of insistent plot bunnies
Or to launch her platform into an online sea
And by blogging…well, you get the idea.

Author disclaimer: I like Shakespeare a lot (and sometimes take great delight in mangling his words for my own purposes. I’m sure the Bard is rolling in his grave over this).

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, welcome to my very first blog post on my brand spankin’ new website! Have a look around. Sign up to be notified when I post my next round of scintillating remarks.

And don’t be shy. Drop me a line in the comments section. Even if it’s just to say hello. Never fear the request for a pithy remark–I tend to be more snarky and rambling than pithy myself.

Author disclaimer #2: My stories do not ramble. At least not after I’ve taken my editing machete to them.

Author disclaimer #3: It’s a good thing I’m limited to 140 characters in tweets.  This whole blogging business could be dangerous. Like Polonius getting stabbed behind the curtain dangerous.

Soft you now,
The first blog post!–Words in thy origins
Be all my sins remembered.


5 Replies to “To Blog, or Not to Blog – That was the Question”

  1. *quivers*

    Don’t poke me with the pen! I’m a writer–my ego is fragile. And various other assorted body bits.

    Hurray for a blog!

    I have a mostly amicable relation with mine. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it in no time. 🙂

    • As long as you don’t hide behind any curtains, I think you’re safe from getting poked by the pen, Cathleen. Looking forward to the blogging bit, and kudos to you for being so prolific on yours!

    • How now? A rat in my comments! *stabs pen behind comment box*

      Hi Anna! Thanks for being the very first to comment on my pristine, non-rambling blog which in no way resembles Polonius’s non-brief ways. Just full of the soul of wit here. Yep…

      I didn’t poke you in the eye with the pen, did I?

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