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The Real Elaine Witt: The Sunshine Blog Thingy
Attack of the Plot Bunnies, Episode 1
Creative Spirit Restored: Hello, Grand Canyon
Tears of Ink – The Inspiration Behind the Name


Welcome to the website of Elaine Witt, author in search of a home for her first complete novel, HOPEFULLY EVER AFTER. She never thought she’d write a story about zombies and dwarves that was a love story in post-apocalyptic times.

She really meant to write about dragons. Honest.

If you want the “Once upon a time” version of how this all got started, check out the Tears of Ink Blog. Therein be the reason for zombies and dwarves supplanting dragons (for now), among other sundry plot bunnies.

Plot bunnies frequently plague this writer, as you’ll find soon enough. Wondering what the heck a plot bunny is?  Well, you’re in luck! (Actually, you may be sorry you asked later.) You can find out more about Elaine’s plot bunnies in the oh-so-innocently titled “Inspiration” section of the Blog.

So grab your coffee, tea, wine, craft brew, [insert your favorite poison/vice], and join Elaine on her quest to get her debut novel published.

Oh, and STILL work on that epic series.